Sign Up and send free SMS messages.



Send your customer a one-time password or pin (OTP) as a 2nd factor authentication to add a extra layer of security for your system.


With Bulk SMS or Campaign, you can notify your employees about corporate plans/events and update existing or potential customers on your next big offer. You can send batched messages up to 1,000 recipients with light-speed delivery!


Sender ID (Your Brand Name) also know as Number Masking. You can use a 11 character alphanumeric Sender ID to appears on the message in the "From" and gives your users a better image of your company.

Use your company or business name as the sender if your subscribers do not need to reply.


SMSPoh uses Myanmar Telecom direct-link connections with on-net messaging to MPT, ATOM, Ooredoo, MyTel SMSC systems for performance and reliability.

Supported Long Messages

You can send text messages longer than 160 characters, in fact up to 612 characters which arrive as 1 message on your target phones.

No Character Restricted

Your text content will never be replaced such as any non-standard characters like accents or currency symbols or any other possibilities characters restricted by Telcos to SMS grey routes.

Batch Import

You can import and sent text messages data file through our system which supported most popular data format like CSV, Excel from your own system. You can send up to 10,000 target users at one batch transaction.

Delivery Reporting

An SMS delivery report (or "delivery receipt') is a message from your SMS server (known in the industry as an SMSC, or Short Message Service Centre) that tells you that the SMS message you sent was delivered to the phone of the recipient. SMSPoh provides true DR report that confirms your message has been successfully delivered to the handset.

Schedule Message

You can schedule SMS messages to be sent at a later date/time. Our system works round the clock to prioritize and ensure timely delivery of scheduled messages.

Two-Way SMS

The Two-Way SMS (Inbox) feature lets you receive SMS messages directly to your account those sent from regular mobile phones. This feature is powerful and helpful to interact with your audiences or your customers.

Easy API Access

We have built the most easiest API platform which loved by developers. Use our HTTP or REST API to connect to our gateway and enable all your Backend/Apps to send SMS messages faster.

Address Book

Organize your contact addresses with folders and group addresses easily. Doing so you can send sms, campaigns or bulk messages without re-importing the list while sending again.

Text In

This feature can be used in advertising and anyone with our dedicated numbers can send a message directly to your customers. You can be used in combination with keywords to perform special functions to engage more with your audiences' response like subscribe, win, ok etc...