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Myanmar Standard SMS Pricing

Package Total SMS Expiry Unit Price (MMK) Total Price (MMK)
@MSG50 50 No MMK0 FREE
Terms and Conditions May Apply!
@MSG1000 1,000 No MMK20 MMK20,000 Buy
@MSG5000 5,000 No MMK19 MMK95,000 Buy
10,000 No MMK18 MMK180,000 Buy
@MSG30000 30,000 No MMK17 MMK510,000 Buy
@MSG50000 50,000 No MMK16 MMK800,000 Buy
@MSG100000 100,000 No MMK15 MMK1,500,000 Buy
@MSG300000 300,000 No MMK14 MMK4,200,000 Buy

International SMS:

We offer international outbound SMS gateway service. Please contact our Sale Team or call our contact numbers to get the updated price and enable international SMS service.

Large SMS Volume with under 14MMK/SMS?

If you are looking for large SMS volume or price under 14MMK per SMS,
please speak with our B2B sale representative to get the best price today.

09 781 776 110 09 405 14 11 44

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Character Limits

Network Standard Text Message Unicode SMS Credit
160 Chars 67 Chars 1 1
160 Chars 67 Chars 1 1
160 Chars 67 Chars 1 1
160 Chars 67 Chars 1 1
160 Chars 67 Chars 1 1