Cloud Base Web Portal

If you need to send big volume of SMS messages, we provide the web portal for you to easily send up to 50,000 recipients in a campaign or batch records. You also have detailed reporting and statistics that allow you to track the success rate for all of your SMS traffics.

Real Delivery Report for Each MSISDN

Fully transparent delivery reports are available on all Burst SMS accounts, allowing you to see handset delivery confirmations in real-time.

24/7 Local Support

With our 24/7 local support, all of your inquiries and concerns will never be missed. You can direct make a phone call to our support or email us anytime, we will response within an hour.

Brand Name or Short Code

Sender ID (Your Brand Name) also know as number masking. You can use a 11 character alphanumeric SenderID to appears on the message in the "From" and gives your users a better image of your company. The alphanumeric SenderID is subjected to be approval. An additional cost for SenderID will be applied*