Why your customers didn't received updated information by you?

Banks, micro-finance companies, rental agencies, financial service companies and many other SMEs businesses need to provide the bank statements, payment reminders or updated information to their customers' phone numbers via SMS very often. But probably some of your customer's phone numbers(SIM Cards) are no longer active. This is not effective communication with your customers because you are sending to the wrong number or inactive numbers. It is very important to know the numbers that are no longer used by your customers.

How do you know the SIM Card is no longer used?

However, only Telecom company can tell if a mobile phone number is active or inactive. You can find out if the phone number (SIM Card) is active or not by calling manually, but it may be painful to dial thousands of numbers.

SIM Status Checker

You don't have to worry any more for your customer SIM card is active or not. This SIM Status Checker feature will check programmatically whether the phone number you want to know is currently active and inactive. This service is aims to effectively identify the active phone numbers(SIM Cards).