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SIM Status Check API

API end-point URL

Version 1

The base URL to use for this service is The base URL cannot be used on its own; you must append a path that identifies an operation and you may have to specify some path parameters as well.

Check Status

Use the following URL to request check SIM status


Query Parameters

Key Example Description Required
access-token ABCDEFG12345 You can find your API key in your account Required
number 09xxxxxxx The mobile phone number to check status Required


Response Body

    "request_id"    : 123456,
    "status"        : "Pending",
    "number"        : "09xxxxxxx"

Response Fields

status string | The SIM status
request_id integer | The unique ID of the SIM status request.
number string The mobile phone number to check status.

Handling SIM Status Update

You can configured SIM status webhook in Portal->Settings->Webhook Services->SIM Status.