All Direct-to-Telco Guaranteed

SMSPoh uses Myanmar Telecom direct-link connections to MPT, ATOM, Ooredoo, MyTel SMSC systems for performance and reliability that cannot be achieved by cheap local and overseas providers.

Why you should use SMSPoh?

Service Commitment

We are providing high capacity, reliable, secure and fast SMS connectivity, direct to telco to deliver high quality and premium SMS messages.


SMSPoh uses with all Direct-to-Telco network in Myanmar

Success Rate

The minimum successful rate of all message delivery status is 99.9%

Delivery Time

Average message delivery time for OTP and Transactional is 2-5 seconds

24/7 Support

SMSPoh technical support is always available for you by 24/7

Service Level Agreement


Poh means in Burmese is send or deliver. SMSPoh is basically meaning "send or deliver a message" in English.

Sending text messages via APIs or Web Apps to Myanmar local mobile numbers using global SMS providers can be expensive and making payments can be a hassle.

Founded in 2017, based in Yangon, Myanmar. SMSPoh is proudly built and supported by local Burmese developers to provide affordable price with reliable SMS gateway and online Bulk SMS service.

About SMSPoh

SMS Solutions

Reliable SMS Gateway API

Build your SMS Gateway using our APIs together with Web Application or any Mobile Apps. The API (HTTP to SMS API) is a RESTful API that uses simple JSON data via HTTP request/response.

Bulk SMS and A2P Messaging

SMSPoh provides web interface for sending and bulk SMS messages and build a campaign. Once registered on our platform, you will have access to all of them.

Built for Business

SMSPoh has designed to provide multiple purposes for your business needs with our automated SMS solutions.
See the examples below for ideas of a better user experience and interaction or collaboration with your customers or audiences.


Notify your customers to confirm for your product booking, appointments or registration


Monitor your product availability and performance by 24/7


Send direct messages for any inquiries from your app or website

Notification 9

Send automated notification messages to your audiences from your app or website


Send discount code, promotion items or any other marketing information to your customers.


Follow the appointments and automatically sending reminder messages

More Business Ideas

Success Stories


With SMSPoh, support has always been fast, friendly, helpful and very professional

Digital Payment Solution

High Performance

Very responsive and high performance SMS Gateway Provider in Myanmar

Logistic Platform

Best Price & Quality

We are very satisfied with SMSPoh! I am impressed with the quality for the price we are paying


Simply Powerful

SMSPoh API is very easy-to-use and extremely flexible. Since using them, we have never encountered any problems

Solutions Provider

Working with more than 2,500+ happy small to enterprise clients

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