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2 Factor Authentication | Request Verify API

Request PIN

Use the following URL to generate and send a PIN to your user:.


Query Parameters

Key Example Description Required
access-token ABCDEFG12345 You can find your API key in your account Required
number 09xxxxxxx The mobile phone number to verify. Required
brand_name ABCD Company To identify your company or application name in the SMS body. Required
code_length 4 The length of the verification code. The default code length is 4.
sender_name ABCD Use this field to specify the sender name for your message. This must be at least 3 characters in length but no longer than 11 alphanumeric characters or 13 numeric characters. Note: SenderID is subjected to approval.


Response Body

    "status": true,
    "request_id": 123456,
    "number": "09xxxxxxx"

Response Fields

status boolean
request_id integer | The unique ID to verify request.
number string The mobile phone number to verify.